Non-Surgical Facelift Treatment Is Safe And Effective

Non-Surgical Facelift Treatments are Safe and Effective

non-surgical facelift

There are many reasons to avoid cosmetic surgery, including:

  • Every surgery carries with it the risk of bodily harm or even death
  • Many patients are disappointed with the results, which can be difficult to repair
  • Cosmetic surgery can be prohibitively expensive
  • Some practitioners of cosmetic surgery chose the field because it is lucrative, not because they have a talent for it
  • Scar tissue can cause problems
  • Cosmetic surgery is not as well regulated as other types of surgery.

These, and other less obvious risks, such as the reaction of family or co-workers to such radical measures taken to alter one’s appearance, can deter people from undergoing facelift procedures.

But effective alternatives to cosmetic surgery are difficult to find, and some of these also carry risk. Chemical peels, for instance, have been known to cause damage, as have injections of Botox, which is a poison. And some of the celebrity-driven trends such as the application of leeches or snake venom facials seem fantastically misguided.

Radio Frequency Skin Therapy Targets Cause of Aging Skin

One alternative that increasing numbers of women are embracing is a scientifically based treatment that uses a radio frequency micro current to promote collagen production. A handheld, lightweight device for home use is effective and affordable and can deliver significant results.

Deep wrinkles, fine lines, bags under the eyes, crow’s feet, deep nasolabial folds, sagging skin, and puffiness…all of these problems are caused by the depletion of collagen. Years of exposure to sunlight can break down collagen fibers, leading to thinning, brittle skin that is susceptible to damage. Compounding the problem is the fact that our bodies’ production of collagen slows down in middle age.

Most skin care products are designed to target the effects of collagen production by adding moisture on top of the skin. Although these may temporarily help the look of skin, the only real way to improve skin health is to improve the production of collagen. You can learn more about non-surgical face slimming in Singapore by reading Cambridge Therapeutics article on the topic for further information.

Radio frequency therapy’s microcurrent technology seemingly delivers thermal energy to the dermis and cutaneous layers of the skin. This improves skin health by increasing blood flow – bringing additional oxygen and nutrients to the area where collagen is produced and helps support the skin’s natural regenerative processes in making new collagen. Over a period of weeks or months, the new collagen produced can firm and tone skin, and may even eliminate sagging and fine lines, while minimizing the appearance of deep wrinkles.

“Instant Facelift” and Other Benefits

As the radio frequency’s microcurrent warms the collagen-producing dermis and cutaneous layers, it causes tightening of the surface skin. Some users experience a dramatic improvement in skin firmness and tone immediately – an “instant facelift!” Another feature of radio frequency treatments is the emission of enriched oxygen, a natural cleanser. Enriched oxygen kills bacteria, and helps to remove impurities from enlarged pores, minimizing the appearance of them and promoting a clear complexion. The texture of the skin’s surface is improved, and skin becomes smoother and softer.

Using radiofrequency skin rejuvenation therapy can help to reverse the effects of premature aging. Purchase a handheld device of your own, and turn back the hands of time!