Disadvantages of schools in Singapore

Singapore kids in international school

How many schools there are in Singapore?

We all have heard that in Singapore students have better results. Do we know what the price of this success is? Higher achievements are usually part of something bigger, as a better discipline, curriculum, and personal contribution. Is it possible to have more skeletons hidden in the closet without knowing? What if greater success comes with great stress and pressure? How will this affect children and their focus and behaviour? We will try to answer all these questions and many more.

In Singapore, there are 365 schools including primary, secondary and mixed level. There are 48 international schools in Singapore, like GEMS Wolrd Academy, that are offering quality education for expat children from all over the world. There are 13,686 classes with an average size between 32 and 33 kids. Imagine how many children are in an education system. If there are some disadvantages to it, all these children should be prepared to cope with the problem.



Flaws in the school system in Singapore

Our school system has its foundations based on competition. Children feel competitive pressure for better results and higher accomplishments. No matter schools set levels, parents have some guilt, too. In fact, scientists still argue if higher school results produce adults without social skills or adults with critical thinking. Highly competitive environment cause so much stress to children that sometimes they are unable to cope with it. Unfortunately, there are children who are committing suicide because they were afraid of consequences after failure at school. As you may know, failure at school doesn’t mean 100% failure but children see things differently. That’s why a stressful educational system is important to be neutralized.

Singapore is not the only country who has a similar problem. Hong Kong has problems with children that have committed suicide, too. Additional tuition is a major problem. Although 2 or 3 have a good impact on children education, 8 or 9 are too many and the child can’t do anything else. Children need more things than academic education, like sports, social communication and games. Developing motor skills might look not enough serious but they are. They could improve academic results indirectly and increase the self-esteem of the child. Communication skills could determine the way children look at life. Often, children who are over overwhelmed don’t know how to cope with argument and start screaming. They just didn’t have enough time to learn how to communicate properly. Of course, the school could help a lot but parents are an important part of this, too.

How could this happen?

In Singapore, students think that the most important thing is to show the best at the exams, and they often memorize lessons. Teaching and learning are not only about test scores and students have to understand that. Sometimes is OK to have a lower evaluation. International students from Singapore that proceed their education in Europe has troubles adapting to the new way of learning. Not knowing the right answers sometimes is what they have to do and this is extremely hard for children who used to feel competitive pressure all the time. Problem-solving is another big issue. You can’t solve different problems if you used to memorize answers.

Something else most people don’t pay attention to is the importance of homework. There are countries like Finland, that don’t use homework as a way of learning, and they still have one of the best school systems in the world. If they are able to do it without homework why other countries can’t?

Foreigner Loan in Singapore – How to Apply

woman applying for foreigner loan in Singapore

Moving to Singapore has some downsides. Singapore is an amazing country, but still, some things need improvements, like higher prices and currency difference. Expats from all over the world move to Singapore, looking for their dream job and prospective future. In reality, moving could be stressful and when it is to a country that is as expensive as Singapore, it becomes more stressful. First few months, for example, are something like a test how you could survive in a new environment with a completely different way of life. Unfortunately, foreigners still don`t have a lot of opportunities to get a loan if they need one.

That’s why money lenders have found a way to help expats when they need additional money for bills or some credit card balance – foreigner loans. If you are in similar situation and need a foreigner loan, Loansingapore.sg  has a list with trustworthy moneylenders in Singapore. It is not very easy for expats to get a personal loan so there is special procedure suitable for them only. Local ties are what is missing to expats and that’s why they are considered as risky clients.

How can I apply for a foreigner loan?

The application process is almost the same as the one for local citizens. In addition, money lenders might want to see visa or working permission. The client has to fill an application and wait for approval. Some moneylenders approve online applications while others stick to personal presence. Submitting online application could save you some time, but we recommend doing it only if you are familiar with the moneylender in personal. The approval might come in an hour or days but often it takes only a few hours. This is the big advantage of moneylenders in Singapore – they are really fast with approving documents. Comparing with banks, this procedure might last a week or more.

What the moneylender might ask from you as documents:

  • Monthly income and documents proving it.
  • Personal ID that shows your real age and that you are an adult.
  • A copy of work permit, passport or visa.
  • Bank account statement for last 3 months or more. Sometimes it is OK to bring a bank account statement from a foreigner bank.
  • If you have a salary slip and employment letter.
  • If you are self-employed, then you should show your tax forms.

These documents may vary so you should consult with the moneylender first. If he wants something special in addition, ask him why. Never give your credit or debit card to your moneylender. He should never ask you to get the original documents for permanent. He will see the originals and will make copies of them, then he should return the originals to you. If your moneylender wants to take your ID or passport don’t give them to him and call the authorities.



It is good to know that before applying for a foreigner loan, you can make a brief review of your money

In addition, you should have in mind, that your credit score doesn’t follow you wherever you are migrating. Of course, it is not a wise move to get a loan as soon as you move because you will have to give it back eventually. First, you could make a bank account, report your income, and then apply for a foreigner loan.