Long-term effects of breast augmentation surgery

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Women have the urge to change themselves as long as the world exists. Breasts were always a metaphor for a woman’s self-esteem – women with bigger breasts are liked by more people. Unfortunately, women can’t choose their breast size so aesthetic medicine steps up in the light. Breast augmentation has some adverse outcomes no matter what was the initial reason for getting them. As we mentioned reasons, usually women have 2 main reasons to undergo breast augmentation in DreamPlasticSurgery – want to look better or want to get back their boobs after a mastectomy (breast cancer surgery). Today, there are 2 types of breasts implants which are allowed. Both types have silicone shells but different fillings. The silicone breast implants have silicone gel filling, while saline implants have a saline filling.

Why breast implants are so important?

Silicone and saline implants for breast augmentation went through a long road until receiving medical approval. The year was 2000 when they approved saline implants for women who are more than 18 years old. Of course, if the breast augmentation reason is mastectomy the age was not a factor. Silicone implants hide in the shadows for a little longer. They actually were allowed but only for certain cases. This literally means that people couldn’t choose what type of implants they will get as filling. In 2006 medical field finally, approve silicone-filled implants. From this point till today, a woman can freely use them for breast augmentation, reconstruction, etc.

Let’s check what are long-term effects?

Except for obvious things like wearing a bigger bra and bigger size clothes, there are things concerning patients health. For example, specialists find out a link between anaplastic large cell lymphoma and breast augmentation surgery. The data is controversial but certainly, people should be aware of the risk.

There is a saying that safety should be always first. In aesthetic medicine this is more than a saying – it is a rule. Women who are 100% sure they want to undergo breast augmentation in Singapore in clinics like DreamPlasticSurgery, should know all facts and risks. Every woman has to be clear with her possible future.

woman choosing type of implants

There is research in which 100 000 women have participated. The numbers show that 80% of them have silicone implants, 20% – saline, 75% of all women had breast augmentation, rest – breast reconstruction. However, the data shows that women who have breast augmentation with silicone implants are way more predisposed to:

  • Rheumatoid arthritis – autoimmune disease, affecting bones and joints;
  • Sjogren’s syndrome – another autoimmune disease, which affects the tear glands. People usually experience dry mouth and dry eyes;
  • Sclerodermia – autoimmune disease, which affects blood and skin cells;
  • Stillbirth – although the patient is pregnant she loses the baby before the delivery or during the delivery. It is slightly different from miscarriage;
  • Skin cancer;
  • Capsular contracture – an immune response to the foreign object – the implant.

All these diseases are not certain when you undergo breast augmentation surgery. They are not doctor’s fault a typical body response. Some of them can appear even if you don’t have breast implants so breast implants are not the most important factor.

Usually, aesthetic surgeries bring some risks, but they bring joy from the result at the end, also. That’s why people should know every little aspect from the surgery but don’t have to focus on the bad outcomes.

In addition, finding the most experienced surgeon gives you a guarantee that the chance for side effects will be decreased to a minimum. Singapore is popular with plastic surgeons who travel around the world to gain experience and new methods – that’s why they have so many successful surgeries.