Have you heard of Dermalift in Singapore?

Dysport Dermalift perfect face

A beautiful face is not for privilege people Singaporeans only. Everyone deserves to have a beautiful face and feel free of the ageing limitations. Unfortunately, there is no way to stop ageing, but we can limit its effect as soon as our faces start to change. Mimetic muscles, also popular as facial muscles, are responsible for facial expressions. In contrary, some scientists claim that expressions are responsible for facial muscles or in other words, you can move your face and tighten naturally your skin. Expressions form facial lines and wrinkles. As you may notice, everything is connected so you have to pay attention to expressions, lines and muscles if you want to have your pretty face as long as possible. Dermalift helps a lot to people who want to achieve best results in no time.

Face expressions can improve your skin tightness.

Some scientists have created a whole program for face exercises that should remove or at least decrease wrinkles and face lines. According to their presumptions, facial expressions provoke skin to produce more collagen. Collagen is essential for skin elasticity and condition. Collagen is the first thing that vanishes when the ageing comes.

Unfortunately, other scientists claim that facial expressions can make thing worse because they are additional movements and work for muscles, so they can’t improve the smoothness. They support the theory that only non-invasive facial treatment can have a stimulating effect on the skin. Some people have mastered the ability not to move their facial muscles on the forehead for example, and they don’t have wrinkles there. Do you know how Botox works? They do the same but without Botox injection.



Have you heard of Dermalift?

If you live in Singapore and know what Botox is probably, you have heard about Dermalift, too. This treatment is created to improve the results of Botox because people can’t move their muscles after the injection. Dermalift doesn’t have this unpleasant plastic outcome and people can make as many facial expressions as they want. The different result comes from the depth that the toxin is injected. Doctors inject Botox into muscles and that’s why the substance paralyze them. Dysport Dermalift doesn’t go into muscles, it stays on the upper skin layer where skin cells are situated. Patients report that they see differences immediately after the procedure but doctors claim that complete results come in several weeks when the toxin reveal his full power.

Dysport Dermalift focuses on the cellular cytoskeleton of the skin and improves the balance of collagen and elastin. In addition, it aims fibroblast cells, which produce collagen. Due to different reasons, fibroblast cells don’t produce as much collagen as the skin needs so a Dysport Dermalift gives them a little rush. Although the treatment lasts only 4, 5 months it has no downtime and no side effects so you can have it right before a special event or a party. People have it when they want to highlight v-shaped face or to tighten their facial lines. This is a way better method than facial exercises.

Are you suitable for Dermalift?

Singaporeans who have too much sagging and too many wrinkles probably should focus on different treatment. This one is for men and women who have some amount of collagen left in their cells and just need a little reminding. The procedure is suitable for people who want fast results but don’t have time to wait for a real facelift. Other reason could be their unwillingness to have a surgery when they can have Dysport Dermalift. If you have chosen already then what is left in front of you is to choose a good aesthetic clinic that will provide you with a quality procedure.