Are Eye Bags Bothering You?

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The eyes are the first things we tend to notice about a person when we meet them. The eyes can impress us, confuse us and amaze us, and for one simple reason – they are beautiful and we can’t get our eyes off them. Other times, we try to find the sparkle in them, but it is hidden behind a maze of dark circles, puffiness or eye bags and fine veins.

eye bags

The finesse of the skin under the eyes is one the reasons. As we grow older the skin tends to become thinner and finer than it was. The appearance of fine lines begin then and the veins become more visible – this adds up to the effect of dark circles under the eyes.

Allergic reactions: We are constantly exposed to all kinds of pollen, dust mites and cosmetics that can bring on an allergic reaction in no time. These stimulants can make us feel like rubbing our eyes more often than usual. This, although feels quite good at the time, has a negative effect on the skin in the eye area, which becomes darker than the others.

Whenever you use eye care creams and products, read the list of ingredients carefully, and try to avoid using products containing unknown chemicals.

If you are allergic to any of those, do not use the product. If in doubt about a product or a chemical, try searching a bit on the internet and see what you can find out about them. Remember, do not believe anything you hear or read.


We inherit a lot of things from our families. Some good, and some not so good. Dark circles are one such example of the not so good. Hence, if your parents or siblings have them then there is more of a likelihood of you having them too. If you are fair-skinned and have eyes that are set deep into your face dark circles could almost be like a second nature for you.

The amount of fluid that your body tends to store: To some extent all of our bodies store fluid but some bodies are quite adept at flushing out toxins whereas the others aren’t. The more fluid that remains in your body and is not eliminated the more will there be a swelling under your eyes. Extreme eye bags could also move on to indicate that you have some impending diseases such as kidney malfunctions or a liver disorder. Malfunction of the thyroid gland could also lead to this.

Deprivation of sleep: We tend to pack in too many things in the day. Hence, what we cut short on is the number of hours that our bodies do need to rest. This begins to show on our faces in the form of dark racoon like circles.

Anaemia: If people have less iron in their blood then they tend to have dark circles around their eyes. This is due to the fact that iron deprivation will result in less red blood cells in the blood which brings on a darker hue to the under eye area.

No one might have told you this before but then dehydration does make one develop under eye concerns. So go ahead and drink your right amount of water to flush out the toxins and also, to get a healthy tinge to your face.