Natural Remedy for Droopy Eyelids

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droopy eyelids

In my search for creams, lotions, stickers, glue, makeup and exercises to do for my hooded eyes (droopy eyelids) I came across a completely natural, cheap, easy way to treat them that works about 80% of the time for me!

If your upper lids are hanging your eye, making your eyes look tired, this might help you too. But first, let’s talk about what is the cause of droopy eyelids in the first place. One of the main causes for ptosis that you aren’t born with is aging. Our bodies aren’t perfect and as we age our eyelids will become weaker and looser, resulting in the droopy eyelid effect. Another reason that is possible is problems with the levator muscle, which is usually something that people are born with. This can cause a lot of difficulties in the child’s development, therefore it must be treated as soon as possible, through surgery, which sadly is the only way to fix this problem. For more information about these professional medical treatments of droopy eyelids feel free to visit Kowayo Aesthetic. Now let’s continue with the home remedy you can try out.

What I do is break open an egg, remove the egg white and use it as “glue”.  Then what you have to do is get a q-tip and insert it into the egg white and brush it along the crease of your upper lid. Do this for one eye at a time because you need to keep your lid closed with your finger until it dries which shouldn’t take more than 4-5 minutes. Once it is dry you open your eye and voila — the egg white has creates a glue or structure to your lid that holds the upper skin off your eyelid.

This works most of the time for me but unfortunately, not always. I don’t really understand or know why it doesn’t work sometimes, whether it’s the placement of the egg white, not letting it dry, the age of the egg, etc. I’m still trying to determine it. But if it doesn’t work and I really want to hold the eyelid up, I just wipe it off with a damp cloth and use another method! It’s not like a glue that is difficult to remove afterward.

When the natural egg white trick does work for me it usually lasts all day.

Of course, this is not a permanent solution and if you have drooping eyelid for longer periods of time you should consult a medical professional because it can be a symptom of some serious problems or even nerve or muscle damage.