Disadvantages of schools in Singapore

Singapore kids in international school

How many schools there are in Singapore?

We all have heard that in Singapore students have better results. Do we know what the price of this success is? Higher achievements are usually part of something bigger, as a better discipline, curriculum, and personal contribution. Is it possible to have more skeletons hidden in the closet without knowing? What if greater success comes with great stress and pressure? How will this affect children and their focus and behaviour? We will try to answer all these questions and many more.

In Singapore, there are 365 schools including primary, secondary and mixed level. There are 48 international schools in Singapore, like GEMS Wolrd Academy, that are offering quality education for expat children from all over the world. There are 13,686 classes with an average size between 32 and 33 kids. Imagine how many children are in an education system. If there are some disadvantages to it, all these children should be prepared to cope with the problem.



Flaws in the school system in Singapore

Our school system has its foundations based on competition. Children feel competitive pressure for better results and higher accomplishments. No matter schools set levels, parents have some guilt, too. In fact, scientists still argue if higher school results produce adults without social skills or adults with critical thinking. Highly competitive environment cause so much stress to children that sometimes they are unable to cope with it. Unfortunately, there are children who are committing suicide because they were afraid of consequences after failure at school. As you may know, failure at school doesn’t mean 100% failure but children see things differently. That’s why a stressful educational system is important to be neutralized.

Singapore is not the only country who has a similar problem. Hong Kong has problems with children that have committed suicide, too. Additional tuition is a major problem. Although 2 or 3 have a good impact on children education, 8 or 9 are too many and the child can’t do anything else. Children need more things than academic education, like sports, social communication and games. Developing motor skills might look not enough serious but they are. They could improve academic results indirectly and increase the self-esteem of the child. Communication skills could determine the way children look at life. Often, children who are over overwhelmed don’t know how to cope with argument and start screaming. They just didn’t have enough time to learn how to communicate properly. Of course, the school could help a lot but parents are an important part of this, too.

How could this happen?

In Singapore, students think that the most important thing is to show the best at the exams, and they often memorize lessons. Teaching and learning are not only about test scores and students have to understand that. Sometimes is OK to have a lower evaluation. International students from Singapore that proceed their education in Europe has troubles adapting to the new way of learning. Not knowing the right answers sometimes is what they have to do and this is extremely hard for children who used to feel competitive pressure all the time. Problem-solving is another big issue. You can’t solve different problems if you used to memorize answers.

Something else most people don’t pay attention to is the importance of homework. There are countries like Finland, that don’t use homework as a way of learning, and they still have one of the best school systems in the world. If they are able to do it without homework why other countries can’t?

Foreigner Loan in Singapore – How to Apply

woman applying for foreigner loan in Singapore

Moving to Singapore has some downsides. Singapore is an amazing country, but still, some things need improvements, like higher prices and currency difference. Expats from all over the world move to Singapore, looking for their dream job and prospective future. In reality, moving could be stressful and when it is to a country that is as expensive as Singapore, it becomes more stressful. First few months, for example, are something like a test how you could survive in a new environment with a completely different way of life. Unfortunately, foreigners still don`t have a lot of opportunities to get a loan if they need one.

That’s why money lenders have found a way to help expats when they need additional money for bills or some credit card balance – foreigner loans. If you are in similar situation and need a foreigner loan, Loansingapore.sg  has a list with trustworthy moneylenders in Singapore. It is not very easy for expats to get a personal loan so there is special procedure suitable for them only. Local ties are what is missing to expats and that’s why they are considered as risky clients.

How can I apply for a foreigner loan?

The application process is almost the same as the one for local citizens. In addition, money lenders might want to see visa or working permission. The client has to fill an application and wait for approval. Some moneylenders approve online applications while others stick to personal presence. Submitting online application could save you some time, but we recommend doing it only if you are familiar with the moneylender in personal. The approval might come in an hour or days but often it takes only a few hours. This is the big advantage of moneylenders in Singapore – they are really fast with approving documents. Comparing with banks, this procedure might last a week or more.

What the moneylender might ask from you as documents:

  • Monthly income and documents proving it.
  • Personal ID that shows your real age and that you are an adult.
  • A copy of work permit, passport or visa.
  • Bank account statement for last 3 months or more. Sometimes it is OK to bring a bank account statement from a foreigner bank.
  • If you have a salary slip and employment letter.
  • If you are self-employed, then you should show your tax forms.

These documents may vary so you should consult with the moneylender first. If he wants something special in addition, ask him why. Never give your credit or debit card to your moneylender. He should never ask you to get the original documents for permanent. He will see the originals and will make copies of them, then he should return the originals to you. If your moneylender wants to take your ID or passport don’t give them to him and call the authorities.



It is good to know that before applying for a foreigner loan, you can make a brief review of your money

In addition, you should have in mind, that your credit score doesn’t follow you wherever you are migrating. Of course, it is not a wise move to get a loan as soon as you move because you will have to give it back eventually. First, you could make a bank account, report your income, and then apply for a foreigner loan.

Your wedding won’t be complete without 5 things


Every wedding ceremony is a partly traditional partly modern. There is no possible way to skip all the traditions because your friends and family members are expecting them. Of course, most newlyweds want their wedding reception to be as modern as possible because different things are remembered. However, we have gathered 5 things without, your wedding will be incomplete. Our conclusions are based on our experience only.

What can be “something old”?

First thing brides should wear is “something old”. There are several ways to get into this tradition without and still look gorgeous. One of my best friends, on her wedding, get her mother bracelet and wear it during the whole ceremony. This jewel was a good addition and the tradition was saved. Another great choice to opt for is some old item from a beautiful memory but you should try to be with your future husband or parents, not with your ex. Deeply meaningful items can be a part of your photos if they are not something you can wear all the time. The last option is dress something that is yours but old or something that looks vintage, like boots or hairpin.

What can be “something new”?

This is easy because if this is your first wedding reception everything is new for you. If you want to follow the tradition exactly then you should ask groom or brides to make you some present. If you haven’t chosen your jewellery, let them choose one of them. If you don’t want to give them so much freedom, just point to them what you want. A very stylish choice is to add to your bouquet pretty hankies that are new. If they are a present from someone you value, then “something new” is really meaningful. A great innovative choice is to make a new tattoo with your husband. It will be something new and forever.

What can be “something borrowed”?

This is a great tradition and it means that you are part of society or group somehow. Something borrowed means someone wants to give you something important and you should keep it safe. It is up to you if you are taking your family jewellery or your friends items. Most women prefer both things, so they have 2 items borrowed. Another option is to negotiate with your best friend for her pair of gorgeous shoes. It is not like you will use the tradition to your own advantage often so you are free to do it.

Something blue?

No matter what colors you have chosen for your wedding reception, blue color is a “must”. Most brides combine their bouquets a with blue handkerchief or add some blue flower in it. Another option is to be completely extravagant and find blue shoes to wear under your dress. These photos with brides with colorful shoes are always attractive.

Wedding Photobooth service

If you have followed all the traditions then you should start to think about the fun part of the wedding. Your reception should entertain your guests the best possible way. That’s why hiring a wedding photo booth service, as Ubersnap is one of the best things you can do for your party. At the end of the wedding, you will have hundreds of fun photos of your friends and memories will be there with you forever. Really good idea is to add a book next to the photo booth so your guests can glue their photos and write some wishes around them. You can make this online, too.


Microblading eyebrow embroidery in Singapore – perfect brows in no time

microblading eyebrow embroidery

Microblading eyebrow embroidery – the latest eyebrow fashion includes dense brows with no plain spaces. This is not a surprise — every girl wants to have beautiful eyebrows that highlight her eyes. This effect is achievable only if the eyebrows are maintained daily. Maintaining your eyebrows includes cutting, plucking even dying. Have you met these women who have perfect eyebrows? We are sure that they take care of them every morning — putting makeup on them and brushing them carefully. Like every part of titivation, this one takes time, too. Thankfully, there is a perfect solution for women who don’t have enough time but want to look good when they see themselves in the mirror.

Eyebrow embroidery in Singapore is that method which will allow you to have perfect eyebrows in no time. Another name for this method is microblading because the tool used for this treatment is a micro blade – http://www.elle.com/beauty/a37438/semi-permanent-eyebrow-microblading/

Do you know what the best part of Microblading eyebrow embroidery in Singapore is?

It is permanent. Of course, this doesn’t mean you will have it for the rest of your life. Unlike cosmetic surgery procedures, like blepharoplasty, for example, microblading starts to fade after 3 years or more. It depends on the type of the skin of the client.

What is the difference between microblading eyebrow embroidery and a tattoo?

There is a difference although the technique is almost the same. Micro pen (blade) inserts pigmentation under the skin with fast hits. The process is extremely delicate and it takes 2 to 3 hours especially when the client wants bigger eyebrows. Every specialist has specific education how to draw perfect eyebrows and to make them look natural. Before starting microblading process, eyebrows are sketched with some pencil. This is giving the opportunity to the client to see himself before they are permanently on his face. It is good to know that numbing gel is applied before the beginning of the microblading eyebrow procedure in Singapore because the client should be calm during the process. Numbing creams usually takes additional time to start acting so the length of the eyebrow embroidery could be more than 3 hours. Even without numbing cream, the pain is not anguish.

The best side of this permanent solution for people’s eyebrows is that there is no downtime or recovery time at all. When your brows embroidery treatment is done, you can immediately take a picture and post it online. However, specialists in this area recommend having the second procedure after a month or two in order to increase the effect. After your eyebrows heal, you can do with them whatever you want. This is amazing because they will not fade if you swim with them or erase if you rub them. The price of the brow embroidery in Singapore is a couple a hundred dollars, but it is totally worth it when you imagine how you wake up every morning with perfect eyebrows.

Microblading can construct fully your eyebrows but it can fill gaps, too.

It doesn’t matter what part of the eyebrow will be done with a microblading procedure and what part is your natural eyebrow — the difference between them is indistinguishable.

The results are totally natural and if you don’t tell your friends that you have this treatment they will never guess. So it is totally up to you whether you want to inform them or not. Have in mind that if your eyebrows are amazing you probably will not need makeup to highlight your eyes. They will stand out because of the eyebrows. This is totally cool and saves you a lot of time.

Natural Breast Enhancement and Breast Implants Cost

The desires of every woman in the world were to be called as sexy, dreaming of being more feminine look, and more appealing and be the center of all attractions in any way. But most them are not really happy with their shapes, size, so with their curves. That’s why some girls sacrifices to miss those good things in their life to be in shape. As resulting to a boring and much probably frustrating. For someone, it is really a big sacrifice in maintaining that such so-called figure. Those people who are ready to sacrifice thing just because of desires to have a perfect shape I may say they would miss half of their life. But according to others, having a great breast, more attention and with it means gaining more confidence with natural breast enhancement.

breast enhancement

Breast Enhancement – The Natural Looking Breast Implants

Talking about breast implants, let us talk with a natural one.  Doctors were developing deferment techniques just to have the process naturally.  Dr. Roger Khouri was one of the doctors developing technique which can give less stress to woman’s body than those traditional ways and methods and have the recovery in a quick fast time, which was the fat transfer method. With his process, the patients, are going to prepare for wearing an expander for external use called BRAVA, where the patient is going to sleep for few weeks.

The BRAVA is a kind of system and or a gadget which will be put and place in woman’s breast at outside part of the breast. According to Dr. Khouri his process, Fat Grafting to the breast was really safe and much effective and tested for over five years of study with 50 patients. Natural-looking implants alternative or so-called micro- fat transfer, which can be done through the method of gentle way of liposuction, taking fat from parts of the body which are having an excess of fats, at buttocks, thighs and so with the stomach. Fats which are not big blogs but those micro-fats were being placed to a breast to avoid ineffective of the activity that may cause some unexpected results.  The good news was that, not only fatty patients do, but so with skinny one are extremely fits with the procedure.

Most Natural Looking Breast Implants: Popular all over the world

After the process of fat- transfer then the BRAVA system takes place. Brava system was clinically tested for enlargement of breasts without undergoing any surgery or any taking up pills and creams. As humans, we are having a mechanism which is natural for our growth, healing, and others. Most of the physicians are using the principles of “tissue expansion“ causes one of the tools of reconstructive methods. Example for it is that, if our body tissue being put on tension it will probably grow. And that’s how this system works. It gives gentle pull which places breast tissues on tensions cause every cell to make some response to reproduce something new. With the proper usage of this system is that new breast tissue, larger and fuller breasts are being produced.

With this system using, not those chemical substances like silicon’s gel, saline, undergone surgeons, which can be lead to a undesired result, and so having the unwanted feelings, long recovery and other bad effects to those, said foreign chemicals.

Getting breast augmentation through more natural means such as this is usually cheaper than other breast enhancement procedures.

Eyelid Surgery Blepharoplasty

Eyelid surgery can be used to correct bags beneath a drooping eyelid or the eyes.

Since, in most cases, this isn’t correcting a life to change state or something life threatening, it’s known as plastic surgery. The typical candidate for this particular operation is older than 35. Nevertheless, there are a few cases when folks that are younger have the desire to undergo the process of eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty) can readily be performed on an outpatient basis. Another process for dealing with swelling below the low lid is for the surgeon to take away the tissue which is the reason for the bagginess and to make an incision in the eyelid itself.

Read more about Natural Remedy for Droopy Eyelids here.

When they’ve released after the surgery, it is suggested that the patient prepares ahead of the things desired.

eyelid surgery

It is suggested that little gauze pads be accessible at all times, clean towels and washcloths, ice bags, eye drops and over the counter pain-killers as advocated from the doctor. Over -the-counter artificial tears can be utilized to alleviate this state that generally doesn’t last more than fourteen days. No discourse of eyelid surgery blepharoplasty will be complete if it weren’t said that in certain situations this operation becomes necessary in order to improve a life-changing state that is physical and dangerous.

Tumors behind the eyes and thyroid disorder can make this operation required as well.

Skin cancers around the eyes additionally needed blepharoplasty or surgery. One uncommon illness that may demand that the patient has eyelid operation is Myasthenia Gravis. Myasthenia Gravis causes the eyelids and is normally treated with drugs; yet, the illness can be so intense that the individual can see no other way but to take the eyelid surgery as no other means of treatment. This process moves the procedure from the sphere of plastic surgery and to the world of a corrective surgical procedure.

Still, every surgery has risks and anyone should try to avoid them as much as possible unless it’s really needed. Things are constantly getting better and safer so make sure that if you’re doing it for an aesthetic reason. You know all the facts about the process and reach a mature conclusion whether or not it is worth it for you.

Are Eye Bags Bothering You?

The eyes are the first things we tend to notice about a person when we meet them. The eyes can impress us, confuse us and amaze us, and for one simple reason – they are beautiful and we can’t get our eyes off them. Other times, we try to find the sparkle in them, but it is hidden behind a maze of dark circles, puffiness or eye bags and fine veins.

eye bags

The finesse of the skin under the eyes is one the reasons. As we grow older the skin tends to become thinner and finer than it was. The appearance of fine lines begin then and the veins become more visible – this adds up to the effect of dark circles under the eyes.

Allergic reactions: We are constantly exposed to all kinds of pollen, dust mites and cosmetics that can bring on an allergic reaction in no time. These stimulants can make us feel like rubbing our eyes more often than usual. This, although feels quite good at the time, has a negative effect on the skin in the eye area, which becomes darker than the others.

Whenever you use eye care creams and products, read the list of ingredients carefully, and try to avoid using products containing unknown chemicals.

If you are allergic to any of those, do not use the product. If in doubt about a product or a chemical, try searching a bit on the internet and see what you can find out about them. Remember, do not believe anything you hear or read.


We inherit a lot of things from our families. Some good, and some not so good. Dark circles are one such example of the not so good. Hence, if your parents or siblings have them then there is more of a likelihood of you having them too. If you are fair-skinned and have eyes that are set deep into your face dark circles could almost be like a second nature for you.

The amount of fluid that your body tends to store: To some extent all of our bodies store fluid but some bodies are quite adept at flushing out toxins whereas the others aren’t. The more fluid that remains in your body and is not eliminated the more will there be a swelling under your eyes. Extreme eye bags could also move on to indicate that you have some impending diseases such as kidney malfunctions or a liver disorder. Malfunction of the thyroid gland could also lead to this.

Deprivation of sleep: We tend to pack in too many things in the day. Hence, what we cut short on is the number of hours that our bodies do need to rest. This begins to show on our faces in the form of dark racoon like circles.

Anaemia: If people have less iron in their blood then they tend to have dark circles around their eyes. This is due to the fact that iron deprivation will result in less red blood cells in the blood which brings on a darker hue to the under eye area.

No one might have told you this before but then dehydration does make one develop under eye concerns. So go ahead and drink your right amount of water to flush out the toxins and also, to get a healthy tinge to your face.

Blepharoplasty Cosmetic Surgery

The Problem:

Do you look in the mirror every day and see droopy eyelids?  Unfortunately, as we age, our eyelids begin to stretch.  Meanwhile, the muscles become weaker.  This leads to more fat deposited both above and below your eyelids.  This causes your eyebrows to sag, upper eyelids to droop, as well as bags under your eyes.

Are your eyelids baggy or puffy?

  • Is the extra skin of your upper eyelid impeding your vision?
  • Do you have lower eyelids that are droopy?
  • Do you have bags that are present under your eyes?
  • Do you have extra skin on your lower eyelids?

The Solution:  Blepharoplasty Surgery

There is help for you if you are suffering from these symptoms.  During a blepharoplasty, your cosmetic surgeon will remove the excess fat and skin around your eyes.

200,000 cosmetic eyelid surgeries are performed annually,  The surgery usually takes 1-3 hours.  Typically, thin incisions are made along the creases of the eye.  The fat and sagging skin are separated from the facial muscles and then resected.  This procedure helps to eliminate droopy eyelids and bags beneath the eyes.

Any type of surgery involves risks, and so it is important to discuss your concerns with your cosmetic surgeon prior to determining if surgery is right for you.  Some of those risks include having eyes that are dry or irritated, having numbness of your eyelid, experiencing double vision for a period of time, scarring, impaired function of the eyelid, and even a very minor risk of becoming blind if there is excessive bleeding behind your eye.  Again, these risks should be discussed with your cosmetic surgeon.


To lower your risks, it is essential that you choose a qualified cosmetic surgeon.

  • Find a cosmetic surgeon with experience.
  • Notable honours and accolades in the medical field will help to provide confidence in their capabilities.
  • Most qualified cosmetic surgeons have attended some of the premier medical schools in the nation, and they should have fellowship training in this particular area.
  • They should also be Board Certified in Cosmetic Dermatology Surgery.

If you are considering a blepharoplasty, then you should contact a cosmetic dermatologist in Singapore today.

Large Breast Augmentation Methods

breast augmentation

As the technology evolves; so does the breast augmentation techniques. If you are looking for large breast augmentation methods, you will discover various products aside from surgery. These products range from creams, pills, and massagers.

If you are considering breast implants, the major deciding factor that will determine the type of implant to be used is the breast size after the operation. Even if you want a much bigger size, your surgeon will help you determine what the perfect size is for you. You cannot just have any size; if you will have breast implants that are wider than your current breast width you will have an unnatural look.

There are two types of implants; anatomic shape and round implants. Anatomic is a tear-shaped implant which provides a fuller look at the bottom. Round implants look as they sound. They are commonly used to simply enhance the natural shape of a woman’s breast.

Possible Problems with Large Breast Augmentation

Capsular Contracture. Because implants are foreign objects, your body will always try to reject them. This will lead to tissue scarring which can happen to one or both breasts. The longer the implants stay in your body, the possibility of capsular contracture increases which will lead to ruptured implants. If this happens, implants will be removed or replaced. Read also about before and after breast augmentation.

Infection. This might occur after a few days or weeks following the surgery. Your doctor might prescribe antibiotics but should they fail, the implants will be removed or replaced after the infection has been treated.

Cosmetic Flaws. You went under the knife to enhance the way your breasts look however, there is no guarantee that you will have perfect results. Just like any surgical operations, scarring can occur or there might be visible signs of implants.

Loss of Sensitivity. Your breast is an erogenous zone; it is a highly sensitive area. Large breast augmentation can result in loss of nipple sensation or over-sensitivity; both effects are very disconcerting.

Safer Way to Large Breast Augmentation

There is a safer alternative to breast enhancement surgery. You no longer have to worry about the costs involved in the surgical operation and avoid the potential risks that it carries. Use breast enhancement cream like Brestrogen. It is a topical cream specially developed to help women who would want to enhance and enlarge their breast size.

It is made up of natural herbal extracts which make it safer to use. Using Brestrogen brings out several benefits. Since it is in cream form, it is easy to apply. Without the greasy feel, it is easily absorbed into the skin. Simply massage the cream into your breast every day with a circular motion and you will see results effortlessly. It does not smell. Brestrogen is unscented so you don’t have to worry about funny smell while using the product.

Is a Tummy Tuck or Stomach Liposuction Better for Me

tummy tuck

The abdomen can be a generally fatty spot for a lot of men and women. Even people today who are normally incredibly skinny usually possess a little round stomach down to the abdomen. Pregnancy can stretch out the muscle groups of this area and so some individuals also have free skin color from the stomach. For beauty surgery enthusiasts, liposuction with the stomach place can trim down the fat, but excess pores and skin is better dealt with having a stomach tuck(also known as abdominoplasty).

Most folks have at least some excess fat to the stomach. This abdominal region is really a classic extra fat storage region for both males and girls, although it is likely being more pronounced around the male system. It seems a single spot that excess fat just loves to pile up, no matter who you’re.

Regardless of what well-liked myths have to say, stomach exercises do not generally enable people today to lose fat from your belly in unique. Whilst the workout routines, for example, crunches and sit-ups, can successfully strengthen and sculpt the muscle tissues beneath the fat, the fat itself could be difficult to eliminate.

Exercise and wholesome eating could be the normal avenue to fat reduction, and for many men and women, a mixture with the two is often quite efficient. What a lot of individuals don’t understand is that extra fat is burned up relatively persistently from throughout the human body. That suggests that performing a thousand crunches won’t make you shed more excess fat within the belly in specific, but all individuals crunches will contribute to body weight reduction everywhere on the physique.

Simply because the stomach may be particularly troublesome, a lot of folks flip to cosmetic surgeries to help them do what other fat loss efforts cannot appear to do. Two with the frequent ones are lipo of your abdomen as well as the classic tummy tuck. It is essential to differentiate between the two to know which a single is the finest on your specific system.

Smartlipo is often a body fat removal surgical procedure. Having a sterile tube called a cannula, extra fat is sucked out of tiny incisions. When this is performed very carefully, and if the skin tone is naturally elastic, the abdominal region could be noticeably sculpted through lipo. It’s crucial to be aware that only a number of lbs, ideally two to five, might be safely eliminated this way. Even this kind of a tiny quantity might be obvious, however.

A tummy tuck, on the other hand, is much less about removing extra fat and more about getting rid of additional skin color. A lengthy thin reduce is made in the belly location as well as the pores and skin are lifted up to reveal the muscular tissues beneath. Following the muscle tissue have been re-positioned to ensure that they no longer sag, the pores and skin are stretched down and any excess skin is reduced off. Read this article on how to choose your tummy tuck doctor from TT Singapore. This really is best for women who’ve had multiple pregnancies since pregnancy tends to trigger these muscle groups to turn out to be permanently stretched out.

If you’re contemplating about getting cosmetic medical procedures within your abdominal location, it is probably an excellent concept to ask yourself, “Is it excess unwanted fat that’s bothering me, or is it all this extra skin?” The answer to that query really should let you know whether you want liposuction or even an abdomen tuck.