Lower back pain exercises

toe touches extensions

No one is safe from back pain. It can occur early in the childhood or later in life due to bad posture or too many stress on the back. However, we know that human back is a serious structure, and we shouldn’t ignore the back pain. That’s why we made this article to define some exercises that are able to help people to get rid of back pain in a few weeks. If you have performed already back exercises, and they don’t help at all you should probably get in touch with your doctor. Do that if the pain becomes worse or you are not able to perform your daily activities normally.

When it is time to start with exercises?

Have you ever feel like the world is suppressing you? Sometimes it is not the world – it is your back. If you have spent the last 10 hours in front of a computer in a bad posture you shouldn’t be surprised if you are looking the world from below. Literally, when you straighten your back after a long day you will feel like you have seen the sky for the first time. We know that you think you need to lie down and the pain will go away but in reality, your back needs a movement – a proper one. So keep reading and you will learn how to perform the best lower back pain exercises.

What you should do when you have lower back pain

Child pose and camel pose

Sit on your legs on the ground. Your knees should lie steady on the floor. Bend your body, like you want to kiss your exercise mat but instead, that touch it with your forehead. Extend your arms and stay in this position for 3 seconds. Next thing is to slowly straighten as moving vertebrae after vertebrae. The last thing should be your neck and head. Now, you should do the opposite bending – bend your back and look the ceiling. Your arms should point and touch your heels and your back should be bent like C letter. Knees are still on the ground. Stay in this position for 3 seconds and repeat the Child pose after that. Repeat the combo 3 or 5 times.

asian woman doing child pose stretching her lower back

Abs and lower back are connected

Most people who focus their training on abs know that lower back should be fortified also. If you are new in this just lie on the ground with legs up straight and feel how your lower back and abs are moving while you move your legs. This was only for example, now the real exercise that will help you straighten your lower back. Lie on the ground and straighten your legs up to the ceiling. If this is too much then bend them a little in knees. Your arms should be calm on the floor providing a support for your body. While performing this exercise try not to lift your lower back from the mat. Next step is to roll your knees to the left slowly. Keep them together. Stay there for 3 seconds and repeat in the opposite direction. This exercise will help you relieve the pain.


Back extensions are good for relieving pain. The important thing is that your body should be supported while you are performing them. For example, lie on your belly and keep your neck straight. Your arms are bent and you are supporting your torso with your elbows on the floor. Straightening your arms will force your back to arch. It is similar to camel pose but in this position, you lie down not standing on your knees. Don’t stay in this position for too long – 3, 4 seconds are enough. Then slowly reverse to the start position.

What you shouldn’t do when you have lower back pain

Extensions are bad when they put additional stress on the lower back. You should avoid:

  • Toe touches – Imagine that you are standing tall and try to extend to your toes – this is bad for your lower back and hamstrings;
  • Sit-ups – They put stress to your spinal disks and traumas might occur. Some athletes use them because they are good for abs but in fact, if you don’t pay attention to your lower back, it won’t matter how good your abs are;
  • Leg lifts: If your core is really strong then leg lifts are allowed but If it is not as hard as you want better skip this exercise;
  • Lifting heavy objects is not the best thing for your back. If you need to do it then squat and lift from your knees, not from your waist.

One general piece of advice is to warm up before performing these exercises. Warming up means literally that your muscles and ligaments will increase their temperature thanks to increased blood flow. In result, you will be able to straighten your muscles properly.