How to find out the tailoring style of bespoke suits?

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Let’s dig deeper into different tailoring styles across the world

Tailoring has evolved from bespoke suits to mass production and then again, to bespoke suits. Fashion follows numerous paths of developing and it could take centuries to realize how your shirt colour and style are exactly what they are. Bespoke suits also have an interesting history and developing but today, we will focus on different styles in different countries. You will need this when you visit two tailor stores and find out their suits have nothing in common. The reason hides in tailors’ different education. Although, both of them offer bespoke suits their suits might be completely different. The similarity comes in the fact they both offer suits and use the same process of cutting and tailoring. Actually, another similarity is also important – you won’t find out a tailor who will make you a bespoke suit for less than 60 hours, no matter how technically advance humanity becomes – excellent things need time.

What is London Tailoring of bespoke suits?

One type of tailoring, people always consider, as the top tailoring – English tailoring. During the 20th century, tailoring thrived but Second World War forced many businesses, including tailoring, to regroup. Although in the bigger cities you could find one or two tailors, the best specialists were in London or Italy. Different perception matters so suit style is its product. Different tailors have a different view of what makes one man handsome. There is a myth that London tailoring is inspired by military clothes – wide shoulders and a fitted silhouette. That’s completely wrong because English tailoring has always wanted to create suits which show how high this man is on the social ladder. The position in society has always been a significant statement. Tailor shops which offer bespoke suits, like Graziaa, find their inspiration in London way of tailoring.

What is Italian Tailoring of bespoke suits?

Unlikely, London tailoring, Italians prefer to focus on attractive appearance, not on social status. A handsome Italian man is tall and thin so their suits should encourage that look. Indeed, if you examine closely Italian suits they are with a short upper part and narrow pants. They try to prolong the figure and the man looks thinner. In different parts of Italy, you may notice different type shoulders – north tailors prefer squarer type while south tailors prefer set-in sleeve.

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What is Austrian tailoring of bespoke suits?

Most people think that Austrian and German tailoring are the same. Most people have no idea how different they are actually. Austrian style has been influenced by Czech and Hungarian styles. However, Viennese tailoring has created morning suits and evening tails. They were inspired by Italian influence but also use German cutting system, which is one of the reasons why most people compare them with German tailors. In fact, Austrian tailor makes bespoke suits with narrow lapels, lower notch and rounded shoulders. For these clues, you have to look if you want a traditional Austrian bespoke suit.

What is German Tailoring of bespoke suits?

Even today, if you are looking for tailors in Germany, you have to visit Berlin. Although the Second World War has caused some concussion in tailoring, they manage to preserve their style and experience. They weren’t fond of English bespoke suits because Germany and England have strained relations between both wars but German tailors used English fabrics. People at formal events were 2 types – with frock coats and with lounge suits.

What is Singapore Tailoring of bespoke suits?

Having a bespoke suit in Singapore from Graziaa is a privilege. Actually wearing a bespoke suit shows that you have great taste. Even today, most Singaporean tailors receive their education in England and this is essential for their style. That’s why there are similarities between English tailoring and Singaporean tailoring. Tailors in Singapore focus on the waisted silhouette and handsome look. Of course, pants are rather narrow in the bottom part and the jacket is shorter in order to prolong the figure, no matter what`s your body type.

Distinguish different styles will help people to choose the right one for them. Usually, tailors have their own character so you can’t immediately understand which style he prefers. If you look carefully, you will find out some of the points we have listed. Don’t forget that wearing a bespoke suit is a privilege!