Long-term effects of breast augmentation surgery

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Women have the urge to change themselves as long as the world exists. Breasts were always a metaphor for a woman’s self-esteem – women with bigger breasts are liked by more people. Unfortunately, women can’t choose their breast size so aesthetic medicine steps up in the light. Breast augmentation has some adverse outcomes no matter what was the initial reason for getting them. As we mentioned reasons, usually women have 2 main reasons to undergo breast augmentation in DreamPlasticSurgery – want to look better or want to get back their boobs after a mastectomy (breast cancer surgery). Today, there are 2 types of breasts implants which are allowed. Both types have silicone shells but different fillings. The silicone breast implants have silicone gel filling, while saline implants have a saline filling.

Why breast implants are so important?

Silicone and saline implants for breast augmentation went through a long road until receiving medical approval. The year was 2000 when they approved saline implants for women who are more than 18 years old. Of course, if the breast augmentation reason is mastectomy the age was not a factor. Silicone implants hide in the shadows for a little longer. They actually were allowed but only for certain cases. This literally means that people couldn’t choose what type of implants they will get as filling. In 2006 medical field finally, approve silicone-filled implants. From this point till today, a woman can freely use them for breast augmentation, reconstruction, etc.

Let’s check what are long-term effects?

Except for obvious things like wearing a bigger bra and bigger size clothes, there are things concerning patients health. For example, specialists find out a link between anaplastic large cell lymphoma and breast augmentation surgery. The data is controversial but certainly, people should be aware of the risk.

There is a saying that safety should be always first. In aesthetic medicine this is more than a saying – it is a rule. Women who are 100% sure they want to undergo breast augmentation in Singapore in clinics like DreamPlasticSurgery, should know all facts and risks. Every woman has to be clear with her possible future.

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There is research in which 100 000 women have participated. The numbers show that 80% of them have silicone implants, 20% – saline, 75% of all women had breast augmentation, rest – breast reconstruction. However, the data shows that women who have breast augmentation with silicone implants are way more predisposed to:

  • Rheumatoid arthritis – autoimmune disease, affecting bones and joints;
  • Sjogren’s syndrome – another autoimmune disease, which affects the tear glands. People usually experience dry mouth and dry eyes;
  • Sclerodermia – autoimmune disease, which affects blood and skin cells;
  • Stillbirth – although the patient is pregnant she loses the baby before the delivery or during the delivery. It is slightly different from miscarriage;
  • Skin cancer;
  • Capsular contracture – an immune response to the foreign object – the implant.

All these diseases are not certain when you undergo breast augmentation surgery. They are not doctor’s fault a typical body response. Some of them can appear even if you don’t have breast implants so breast implants are not the most important factor.

Usually, aesthetic surgeries bring some risks, but they bring joy from the result at the end, also. That’s why people should know every little aspect from the surgery but don’t have to focus on the bad outcomes.

In addition, finding the most experienced surgeon gives you a guarantee that the chance for side effects will be decreased to a minimum. Singapore is popular with plastic surgeons who travel around the world to gain experience and new methods – that’s why they have so many successful surgeries.

Natural Breast Enhancement and Breast Implants Cost

The desires of every woman in the world were to be called as sexy, dreaming of being more feminine look, and more appealing and be the center of all attractions in any way. But most them are not really happy with their shapes, size, so with their curves. That’s why some girls sacrifices to miss those good things in their life to be in shape. As resulting to a boring and much probably frustrating. For someone, it is really a big sacrifice in maintaining that such so-called figure. Those people who are ready to sacrifice thing just because of desires to have a perfect shape I may say they would miss half of their life. But according to others, having a great breast, more attention and with it means gaining more confidence with natural breast enhancement.

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Breast Enhancement – The Natural Looking Breast Implants

Talking about breast implants, let us talk with a natural one.  Doctors were developing deferment techniques just to have the process naturally.  Dr. Roger Khouri was one of the doctors developing technique which can give less stress to woman’s body than those traditional ways and methods and have the recovery in a quick fast time, which was the fat transfer method. With his process, the patients, are going to prepare for wearing an expander for external use called BRAVA, where the patient is going to sleep for few weeks.

The BRAVA is a kind of system and or a gadget which will be put and place in woman’s breast at outside part of the breast. According to Dr. Khouri his process, Fat Grafting to the breast was really safe and much effective and tested for over five years of study with 50 patients. Natural-looking implants alternative or so-called micro- fat transfer, which can be done through the method of gentle way of liposuction, taking fat from parts of the body which are having an excess of fats, at buttocks, thighs and so with the stomach. Fats which are not big blogs but those micro-fats were being placed to a breast to avoid ineffective of the activity that may cause some unexpected results.  The good news was that, not only fatty patients do, but so with skinny one are extremely fits with the procedure.

Most Natural Looking Breast Implants: Popular all over the world

After the process of fat- transfer then the BRAVA system takes place. Brava system was clinically tested for enlargement of breasts without undergoing any surgery or any taking up pills and creams. As humans, we are having a mechanism which is natural for our growth, healing, and others. Most of the physicians are using the principles of “tissue expansion“ causes one of the tools of reconstructive methods. Example for it is that, if our body tissue being put on tension it will probably grow. And that’s how this system works. It gives gentle pull which places breast tissues on tensions cause every cell to make some response to reproduce something new. With the proper usage of this system is that new breast tissue, larger and fuller breasts are being produced.

With this system using, not those chemical substances like silicon’s gel, saline, undergone surgeons, which can be lead to a undesired result, and so having the unwanted feelings, long recovery and other bad effects to those, said foreign chemicals.

Getting breast augmentation through more natural means such as this is usually cheaper than other breast enhancement procedures.

Large Breast Augmentation Methods

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As the technology evolves; so does the breast augmentation techniques. If you are looking for large breast augmentation methods, you will discover various products aside from surgery. These products range from creams, pills, and massagers.

If you are considering breast implants, the major deciding factor that will determine the type of implant to be used is the breast size after the operation. Even if you want a much bigger size, your surgeon will help you determine what the perfect size is for you. You cannot just have any size; if you will have breast implants that are wider than your current breast width you will have an unnatural look.

There are two types of implants; anatomic shape and round implants. Anatomic is a tear-shaped implant which provides a fuller look at the bottom. Round implants look as they sound. They are commonly used to simply enhance the natural shape of a woman’s breast.

Possible Problems with Large Breast Augmentation

Capsular Contracture. Because implants are foreign objects, your body will always try to reject them. This will lead to tissue scarring which can happen to one or both breasts. The longer the implants stay in your body, the possibility of capsular contracture increases which will lead to ruptured implants. If this happens, implants will be removed or replaced. Read also about before and after breast augmentation.

Infection. This might occur after a few days or weeks following the surgery. Your doctor might prescribe antibiotics but should they fail, the implants will be removed or replaced after the infection has been treated.

Cosmetic Flaws. You went under the knife to enhance the way your breasts look however, there is no guarantee that you will have perfect results. Just like any surgical operations, scarring can occur or there might be visible signs of implants.

Loss of Sensitivity. Your breast is an erogenous zone; it is a highly sensitive area. Large breast augmentation can result in loss of nipple sensation or over-sensitivity; both effects are very disconcerting.

Safer Way to Large Breast Augmentation

There is a safer alternative to breast enhancement surgery. You no longer have to worry about the costs involved in the surgical operation and avoid the potential risks that it carries. Use breast enhancement cream like Brestrogen. It is a topical cream specially developed to help women who would want to enhance and enlarge their breast size.

It is made up of natural herbal extracts which make it safer to use. Using Brestrogen brings out several benefits. Since it is in cream form, it is easy to apply. Without the greasy feel, it is easily absorbed into the skin. Simply massage the cream into your breast every day with a circular motion and you will see results effortlessly. It does not smell. Brestrogen is unscented so you don’t have to worry about funny smell while using the product.