How to remove dark spots on face

Woman Smiling pigmentation skin

Wrinkles and dark spots come together so people usually connect them with ageing. Most cosmetic products are suitable for wrinkles but not for pigmented skin. Women have to feel beautiful otherwise they are in bad mood constantly. On the other side, ageing is not something you can fight forever. It is a fact, that there are women with gorgeous skin and people couldn’t guess how old are they. Probably, they use some homemade masks every week and that’s why their skin is without wrinkles and dark spots. They might even have had some aesthetic procedure without telling anyone. We will never understand if we don’t ask them. There are some universal bleaching masks that will lighten your skin easily and you won’t have to wonder how to remove the dark spots from your face, explain the doctors at OneFace Clinic. Let’s find out what they reveal and how we can use it at home.

What are the ingredients that remove dark spots on the face?

Acids and antioxidants have the ability to work as bleach when touching the skin. Of course, their action is more gentle and the effect is lighter. However, if you need to remove a freckle or melasma then you need to make a face mask with products with acids and antioxidants. Some acids, like alpha hydroxy acid, help the skin to start breathing again because erode dead cells and dirt. Alpha hydroxy acid damages slightly the upper layer of the skin and natural skin reaction is to restore the damage with fresh new skin. In addition, most face masks are full of vitamins, because they give the skin even tone and bright look. For example, vitamin A is extremely powerful when it comes to restoring so it is one of the main participants.

The list with things you can use for face masks with all these ingredients includes lemons, apple vinegar, Salicylic Acid, Aloe Vera, Glycolic Acid or Yogurt. The common thing between vinegar and lemons is that they should not stay on the face for more than 20 minutes.

Glycolic Acid actually is the second name of Alpha hydroxy acid and it is processed sugar. The sugar has an amazing endurance so it is one of the best exfoliators, you could use at home if you want to rejuvenate your skin. Salicylic Acid is the one you probably have heard that dermatologists use it for treating acne but it is not the only one application, it could have.

microdermabrasion treatment for pigmenated skin

What are the medical options for removing dark spots?

All we have listed were not medical options but more like homemade treatments. You can apply them every day on the dark spot until you see some improvement. Unlike them, medical treatments require a specialist to do it. Otherwise, serious complication might occur. One of the treatments that could help with removing dark spots is a chemical peel. It is a fast procedure with special masks applied to a patient’s face but it is so strong that it shouldn’t stay on human skin more than 60 seconds. If you have to define it with one word, it is burning. Then the upper layer of the skin peels off and a new one appears on the top with a new fresh colour.

Another very popular dermal treatment for pigmentation is microdermabrasion which has more advantages than facial cleaning. The microdermabrasion might suck the dirt, peel with a special tool and inject vitamins with another special tool. All these three things are combined in one treatment. If your pigmentation is more serious then laser treatment is what you need. Laser beam aims the melanin and destroys it. That’s a good thing when your dark spots are based on melanin overproduction. Laser equipment is different and with different length of the beam so you have to find out which one is best for your type of pigmentation. Modern dermatology offers numerous ways of coping with the problem of how to remove dark spots. That’s why choosing the most suitable one is essential for its success. Another option is to wait patiently and see if your skin will not remove the pigmentation without your interference.